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An Interview with Dr. Sambursky

Watch this interview with Dr. Sambursky as he describes the process of LASIK surgery and answers a few questions about the procedure.Read More

NASA Approves Advanced Lasik for Use on Astronauts (and Hopefuls)

In a move sure to alter the landscape for non 20/20 space dreamers, NASA approved the use of advanced Lasik surgery for U.S. astronauts. Already approved by the Navy and more recently the Air Force for use on fighter pilots, NASA was a hold out to allow t ...Read More

Local Physician's Company, Rapid Pathogen Screening has Developed a Point-of-Care Diagnostic Device for Ocular Diseases

Clarks Summit, PA-Daniel Sambursky, M.D., F.A.C.S., LASIK surgeon at the Laser Eye Center of PA and Principal in the privately held company, Rapid Pathogen Screening (RPS) announces that RPS has developed the first true point-of-care (POC) test available f ...Read More

Laser Eye Center of the Southern Tier introduces NEW, more effective Laser Vision Correction

Johnson City, NY - the Laser Eye Center of the Southern Tier, the region's leader in cutting-edge eye care technology, can now perform even more accurate and effective laser vision correction surgery with the addition of the Allegretto Wave™ from Alc ...Read More