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LASIK Candidacy Test in New York
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Dr. SamburskyGet Freedom from Glasses and Go 20/20 with World-Renowned Corneal Surgeon Dr. Daniel Sambursky and the Team at Laser Eye Center of the Southern Tier

When you successfully complete a process more than 30,000 times, you can be sure you will be one of the best in the world at what you do. Having performed over 30,000 LASIK surgeries over the past 20 years, Dr. Daniel Sambursky has the hands-on experience and knowledge to guide you through the process of getting life-changing 20/20 vision. From your initial FREE LASIK consultation, to your follow-up appointment, Dr. Sambursky and the team at the Laser Eye Center of the Southern Tier will take the time to answer your questions and help get you on your way to being free of the limitations of wearing glasses or contacts.

What Happens at your FREE Initial LASIK Assessment?

Unlike other eye care practitioners, your complimentary LASIK assessment is performed by Dr. Sambursky, rather than an office manager. It is important for Dr. Sambursky to get to know his patients and allow them to ask him questions that only a highly skilled LASIK surgeon can answer.

During your initial LASIK assessment, not only will you find out if you’ll make a good candidate to free your eyes from glasses, you’ll also receive a comprehensive eye exam to assess the overall health of your eyes and address any issues that could potentially impact your LASIK procedure. You’ll learn all about the state-of-the-art technology that we’ve invested in to help make your LASIK procedure more comfortable and pain-free. Your 1-hour LASIK assessment may be the best decision you’ll make to improve your life and live free of glasses or contacts.

We’ve Invested in World-Leading, Blade-FREE LASIK Technology

Unlike traditional LASIK surgery, our Blade-FREE WaveLight EX-500 Excimer Laser creates a comfortable and virtually pain-free LASIK experience. This proven technology offers faster procedure times, more precise results, and increases your recovery time–to get you back to your life and enjoying your new 20/20 vision.

What are you waiting for? Get Your Free LASIK Assessment Today!

If you’ve been thinking about getting LASIK and you are ready to find out if you’ll make a good candidate for LASIK, call (607) 302-4742 or fill out the form on this page and we’ll contact you to schedule a convenient time to meet with Dr. Sambursky and his team.