Sambursky Laser Eye Center

Laser Eye Center of the Southern Tier introduces NEW, more effective Laser Vision Correction

Johnson City, NY – the Laser Eye Center of the Southern Tier, the region’s leader in cutting-edge eye care technology, can now perform even more accurate and effective laser vision correction surgery with the addition of the Allegretto Wave™ from Alcon. The Allegretto Wave Excimer Laser System is a revolutionary new tool that allows for more precise LASIK vision correction. Using Wavefront-Optimized™ technology, the Allegretto Wave automatically compensates for the curvature of the cornea.

Earlier Lasik procedures, such as CustomVue™ have been highly successful and centered on reshaping the front of the cornea, whereas the Allegretto Wave works on the unique shape of each patient’s entire cornea. Clinical studies have shown amazing results with the Allegretto Wave for both near and far-sighted patients.

Dr. Daniel Sambursky states, “Although we have successfully treated over 11,000 patients with a variety of excimer laser techniques, we continually strive to bring the most advanced technology to our region, offering our patients the safest, most accurate outcome”.

The doctors at Laser Eye Center are excited to be able to offer their patients this amazing new treatment option. The Allegretto Wave combined with the Blade-Free technology, although not recommended for all patients, will enable even more patients – even some who were not eligible Lasik candidates before – to give up their glasses, and see with 20/20 or better vision.

For information on this and other vision correction procedures, go online to, or call the Laser Eye Center of the Southern Tier at (607) 302-4742.