Can I Drive After LASIK in Binghamton, NY?


Driving After LASIK Surgery At Sambursky Laser Eye Center, our experienced eye surgeons have completed over 30,000 LASIK and 35,000 cataract surgeries, and that number grows every week. We’ve found that many patients have questions about how their recovery will go, including wondering what they’ll be able to do immediately after their surgery is over. For most patients, LASIK recovery is minimal. You may even start experiencing a life-changing clear vision almost immediately. But even with that in mind, there are some things to avoid until after the initial post-op recovery period.

Can I Drive Home from LASIK Laser Eye Surgery?

You should NOT plan to drive after LASIK laser eye surgery, even if you feel physically fine after the procedure. There are two simple reasons for this:

  1. Your eyes won’t be operating at 100%, even if it feels like they are. Your eyes need time to adjust following laser surgery. This generally doesn’t take more than a day, but immediately following surgery, your recovery may include blurry vision, watery eyes, and/or increased light sensitivity.
  2. You will still be on sedatives, even if you don’t notice it. Any sedatives or numbing agents used before your LASIK procedure won’t be completely flushed from your system right after surgery. These can make you drowsy and affect your reaction time. In addition, you may be on some pain relievers after surgery.

To avoid a situation where you get behind the wheel with impaired vision and reaction times, we require that you plan to have a friend or relative drive you home after laser eye surgery.

How Soon After LASIK Can I Drive?

While everyone’s recovery is different, the majority of our Binghamton LASIK patients see improvement in their vision within 24 hours of their surgery. In that time, any medications have also worn off. One day after surgery, you’ll come back in for a post-operative exam, have your vision tested, and confirm that your eyes are healing. If your eyes aren’t quite recovered enough to drive, you’ll usually only need another day or so to heal more fully.

What Else Can I Expect from LASIK Recovery?

As we said above, most patients start to experience the full benefits of their vision correction about 24 hours after LASIK, if not sooner. During that time, you’ll need to take precautions to protect and rest your eyes, and you may experience side effects like a gritty feeling in your eyes. You’ll also be given eye drops to regularly apply, keeping your eyes healthy and hydrated. Being cleared to drive is a major landmark in your recovery: after that initial 24 hours or so, the rest of the process usually just involves applying eye drops on a regular basis and scheduled check-ins with your surgeon.

Why Should I Have My LASIK Done at Sambursky Laser Eye Center?

Sambursky Laser Eye Center is the most trusted LASIK provider in the Southern Tier, due in large part to Daniel Sambursky, M.D., F.A.C.S., our respected LASIK and cataract surgeon. With two decades of experience and over 30,000 successful LASIK vision correction surgeries, Dr. Sambursky and the rest of our team can’t wait to provide more patients throughout the Southern Tier region with lifelong vision correction. To learn more about what your LASIK procedure will look like at Sambursky Laser Eye Center, call (607) 302-4742 or schedule an appointment.