WaveLight EX-500

Introducing the New WaveLight EX-500 Excimer Laser

The Laser Eye Center of the Southern Tier is dedicated to providing the latest LASIK technology for our patients. For that reason, we’ve continued to invest in the latest technology that not only delivers the best possible results for our patients but also increases patient comfort and safety during your LASIK procedure.

The Laser Eye Center of the Southern Tier is proud to be among the first centers in the country to obtain the new WaveLight EX-500 Excimer Laser. The WaveLight is the latest laser approved by the US FDA for laser vision correction and represents a new era for LASIK.

The advantages of the WaveLight EX-500 include:

  • Fastest performance on the market and the only laser to operate at 500hz. This means reduced treatment times for our patients
  • Innovative engineering designed to optimize time between flap creation and laser procedures
  • Wavefront-guided treatments allow for customized treatments that take into consideration the unique curvature of your eyes and preserve the natural shape of the cornea
  • Proprietary PerfectPulse Technology to maintain a consistent high-pulse frequency with a minimized thermal load to maximize efficiency and safety
  • A more efficient design with a high-resolution video display system, built-in non-contact, online pachymetry to measure the thickness of the cornea.
  • Increased working distance of 25 cm

Schedule your free custom LASIK consultation today to see how the WaveLight EX-500 help you go 20/20 and get rid of those cumbersome glasses or contacts.