Rapid Pathogen Screening has Developed a Point-of-Care Diagnostic Device for Ocular Diseases

Clarks Summit, PA-Daniel Sambursky, M.D., F.A.C.S., LASIK surgeon at the Laser Eye Center of PA and Principal in the privately held company, Rapid Pathogen Screening (RPS) announces that RPS has developed the first true point-of-care (POC) test available for conjunctivitis-more commonly known as “pink eye”.

The test is conducted using a device called the RPS Adeno Detector™, and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the American Medical Association. The test is highly sensitive and specific, and provides a definitive result in ten minutes. The quick result allows the health care provider to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe supportive therapies, while limiting the spread of disease and reducing ocular antibiotic resistance and the unnecessary cost of antibiotics. The test is currently being used as an in-office test within many optometry and ophthalmology offices, military bases, and other centers for care across the United States.

RPS Reports Potential US Healthcare Savings of over $400 Million Annually with the Use of the RPS Adeno Detector™–learn more about these findings at

RPS, Inc. founded in March, 2004 was born from the desire of three renowned ophthalmologists; José Sambursky MD and his two sons, Dr. Daniel Sambursky and Dr. Robert Sambursky (MDs), to explore the feasibility of POC detection and identification of infectious diseases in a cooperative research agreement with Securetec. The results of these investigations were very promising and led to the formation of RPS. All three of the Samburskys are trained clinical ophthalmologists and provide clinical expertise in the diagnosis, management and research of infectious ophthalmologic diseases. For more information, visit